For over 10 years, we’ve built top-quality products, rescued projects that have gotten off track, and mentored teams. We strive to deliver great value to each of our clients and take great joy in doing that. Here are a few software project case studies that show the results of our recent work.

Case Study: MacroStax

Macrostax nutritional app to teach clients what they should be eating at the macro-nutrient level, based on their goals. What makes Macrostax unique is the daily, personalized algorithm based on an individual's stats, activity level, and objective.

When I found Haught... it just definitely was a completely different experience than I had with the previous agency. My confidence level in Macrostax has improved 100%. This newer version makes me really excited for the future.

Lindsey Love Jenks ,   Founder & CEO
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Case Study: Bullseye

We built a real-time data collection tool that empowers educators to track learner mastery and provide individualized data-driven instruction and coaching.

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Marty is extremely articulate and spoke with such a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that I knew we found the right group to build our MVP.

Ryan Crystal ,   Founder and CEO

Case Study: ClearChoice

We worked with ClearChoice to build the next generation e-commerce platform where shoppers can pay for thousands of brand-name items with interest-free loans from their credit union.

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We chose Haught Codeworks for their ability to act as a strategic advisor, provide insight and understand the consequences of choices made in product development.

Eric Webb ,   Director of Marketing