We know the landscape of cutting-edge web technologies, which means we pick the right stack for your needs. Our wealth of experience in both start-ups and enterprise software makes us a valuable software partner for those looking to build a product or team. We will give you solid business advice and bring the technical aspects of your business in line with your vision.

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Rapid Prototyping

Do you want to build a new product but you aren’t sure where to start? Identifying a minimal viable product (MVP) and developing the initial release is challenging. A growing list of potential features, ripe market opportunities, and strategic partnerships will inevitably weave their way into your vision for the product. With each additional feature, your delivery date slips and the product gets more expensive to build. Software projects are notoriously hard to estimate, launch on time and keep on budget. Our prototype and minimal viable product development services help get your idea from the concept phase into the hands of your customers efficiently.

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Project Rescues

Rescues are one of the most interesting projects we work on because they come in all shapes and sizes. A software project may need to be rescued due to all kinds of circumstances, from freelancer engagements gone wrong to products laden with poor technical decisions, and from rapid team growth to inconsistent vision and direction from the stakeholders. With all of these factors in play, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But we can help. We look closely at communication, process and team dynamics to guide a software project back to a path towards success.

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We offer an innovative developer apprenticeship program to train talented future web, mobile and Ruby on Rails programmers and designers in our processes and methods to cultivate the next generation of coders and software product builders. That means that we can train your development team too! One of the best ways to ensure your product’s evolution is to have a strong internal team. By ingraining our development staff and process into your software development team, we can make sure that the fingerprint of quality development lasts long after our scope of work ends.