After decades of working for various startups, medium-sized software companies and corporate IT, we developed a better way to build software. Not only can we be smarter in what we build, but we can be smarter in how we build it.


We've honed our lean software development process and philosophy to produce not only the best software possible but the best product for your customer.

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Before we write a single line of code or place the first pixel, we have to understand your goals, needs, target audience and use case. Establishing the critical path to success for your minimum viable product is the key to kicking off a great project.

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Our tried and true developer workflow focuses on getting quality crafted code deployed effortlessly and continuously. We work in a weekly cadence to build the highest priority features as your product evolves. Being lean and focused on shipping value is core to how we approach development.

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Our mission is to get the software live and into the hands of your users on a continuous basis. Whether a prototype or minimal viable product, tracking real usage and user feedback is key to building the right product that solves problems.


Our client’s success is our success. And our formula for success is simple: high-quality design, efficient development, great communication, consistent feedback, a proven process, and a collaborative culture. Here is a deep dive into each of our guiding principles.

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We've seen the long-term cost of poor design. Quality is baked into our work - even during prototype development. We consider how easy it will be to read and maintain the code so it can be supported and extended over time. We take great pride in our work, the products we build and our relationships with our clients.

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Lean Software Development

Value creation is what drives us. We build the right software solutions for your business needs in a lean, efficient way. We meet key milestones head on and provide the support needed in taking your product to market. We celebrate the practice of Kaizen, the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.

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Effective Communication

Great communication is imperative for successful software development projects. With us, you can count on daily communication from a dedicated team, weekly status updates, and clear project reports. Our transparency will give you peace of mind so you can keep building your business knowing we are on track building your product. And with our collaborative environment, we are constantly developing and testing the best ideas from your team, and ours.

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Tight Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are the core of writing excellent software. At the foundation, automated testing gives us the confidence to know our code executes correctly. Deploying working software as soon as it's ready allows clients to review the functionality to make sure it adds value to the product. User feedback and validation is what it’s all about.

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Proven Developer Workflow

We've dialed in our developer process so we can maintain both high quality code and efficient effort. The team reviews the quality and design of our solutions using pull requests. Automating the software deployment process so new features are production-ready with as few steps as possible is at the heart of our publishing process. This means we can easily meet the dynamic needs of your evolving product.

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Culture of Mentorship

A collaborative and mentoring culture is important to passing the nuances of the craft down to the next generation of software developers, and is at the core of what we do. We believe in constantly improving in both the technical and non-technical aspects of development, and sharing what we know so that your team can maintain and increase the value of your product.