Haught Codeworks is a web development firm in Colorado.

We create software that powers the web. Using Ruby on Rails, lean techniques and a collaborative approach, we deliver solutions for your business.
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"Not only did Marty bring great passion and energy to our software project, he brought strong technical expertise and knowledge of the latest web technologies. Most importantly he strove to increase the productivity of our team."
Ardith Falkner, GLOBE.gov


Like a lock and its key, we believe in finding the right fit. This means you get exactly what you need, and we get to apply our experience to your project. Before we decide to work together we'll do a quick analysis of your project to determine the fit. Match made, our technical sleeves are rolled up and we're ready to go.

We use a combination of Continuous Engineering, Lean and Agile principles which reduce delivery time and increase quality.




Our process contains three core steps that we iterate over to complete your project:

Understand your needs, identify the issues and define appropriate goals. We'll determine the minimal viable product and establish a critical path. Finally, we make sure that everyone is onboard with the approach.

Milestones set, the team begins writing software. Working code is deployed several times a week so you can gain feedback in real time. We'll continue to dial it in and make sure we're building according to your needs.

Get your project live and into the hands of your users. Additional features and adjustments will be steadily added until it's feature complete. Now we track metrics, tune for performance and respond to user feedback.


We are a small team of veteran software developers focused on solving technical problems for our clients. We help new business with rapid prototypes to validate a new product or service. We also can pick up the pieces of a technical mess and rescue failed projects. Perhaps your business is in transition between development teams and needs someone to keep the lights on. We can work with you on any of these types of projects.

Knowing the landscape of cutting-edge web technologies lets us pick the right stack for your needs. Our wealth of experience in both startups and enterprise software gives us the ability to handle a variety of projects. Furthermore, we can give you solid business advice and bring the technical aspects of your business in line with your vision.

Our core competencies include:

Software Architecture Systems Design Infrastructure Startup Methodologies Ember Ruby on Rails Javascript Mobile Web iOS HTML5/CSS UX design Production Development


Our clients come from various business domains and locations. Here are some of our projects.

Who we are

We believe in small, agile teams that can focus on getting things done and shipping software efficiently. We are also convinced that experience matters and that paying for that expertise is worth the extra expense.

Team marty

Marty Haught

Marty has over 17 years of software experience at various start-ups and consulting companies building web applications. He specializes in helping clients clarify their product’s vision and implement their ideas as efficiently as possible. He loves leading this talented team on challenging projects.

Team andy

Andy Kappen

Andy got started in programming early, back in 1980. He's a polyglot with over 18 years professional experience and enjoys numerous aspects of technical work -- server admin, databases, statistics and domain analysis. As a Techstars alum, Andy knows the startup bootstrapping process first hand.

Team greg

Greg Hansen

With over a decade working at a Fortune 100 company, Greg brings over 17 years of professional experience to the table. Preferring the speed and productivity of small teams, he now focuses on helping new ventures in the web and mobile markets, one of which was acquired by Google.

Team casey

Casey McTaggart

With over 15 years experience and a masters in CS Engineering, Casey has worked at a variety of companies, including Pixar, before landing at Haught Codeworks. She loves to dig into challenging problems whether it's big data, fluid mechanics or how to climb sheer faces of rock.

Team matt

Matt Garriott

Matt has been working with information systems professionally for 10 years, and has been programming with Ruby since 2008. He is a programming polyglot, with experience writing applications for android, iOS, and numerous web technologies. Matt is passionate about Linux and loves providing effective solutions to real-world problems.

Team jess

Jessica Eldredge

Jessica has been doing web design and front end development for 9 years. She has experience working on small and large products, and cares about creating happy experiences for users and developers alike. She is particularly interested in styleguides, writing maintainable code, and constantly refactoring and improving her work.

Team louisa

Louisa Barrett

A graphic designer turned developer, Louisa is a graduate of gSchool and a passionate student of the art of writing software. She has a soft spot for user experience, but loves soaking up everything she can about back and front end technologies.

Team kelly

Kelly Pederson

A PhD student turned developer, Kelly is also a graduate of gSchool. Kelly is passionate about backend technologies, problem solving, debugging and especially the continuous educational experience programming provides.

Our Values

At Haught Codeworks we....

  • See community as an indelible part of Haught Codeworks.
  • Believe software must be developed in an open and honest manner to be truly successful. Our constant contact with clients creates a collaborative environment where ideas and suggestions flow freely.
  • Are driven to create business value so we make our time count in order to build the right solution for your business needs. We meet your key milestones and ensure that you have the support you need to continue moving forward.
  • See ourselves as craftsmen. Our maxim is to build beautiful software that works well.
  • Love a good challenge and making awesome products so bring your technology dilemmas on.
  • Enjoy what we do.
Guiding Principles
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From software design to features we only create software that you really need in order to drive business value with less effort.

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Rapid Turnaround and Efficient Work

Getting the job done: paramount. Our efficiency comes from automating the software deployment process so new features are production-ready with as few steps as possible. This means we can meet easily meet the dynamic needs of your business.

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Team-Based Approach

We customize your project so you get the exact expertise you need, you pay only for the work that's done and your project keeps moving.

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Commitment to quality

Using automated value-based testing, we ensure that the most important parts of each system are tested as we roll out new features so your business software provides the value you need from it.

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Clients are highly involved through out development. User feedback, usage metrics and A/B testing provide meaningful data so you can make informed decisions on which new features will help you iterate your product right.