Haught Codeworks runs an efficient operation and scales teams for each project as needed. We have a core group of software professionals that we use most on our projects. We also leverage an extensive network of independent consultants when the core group is not enough. This approach allows us to easily pull in needed expertise or niche talent for a specific project. Below is a list of our core team.

Marty Haught

Founder, Software Architect

Marty has nearly 12 years of web development and software experience at various start-ups and consulting companies building web applications. He specializes in helping clients clarify their product’s vision and implement their ideas as efficiently as possible. Marty also has a passion for community both in giving back and maintaining a strong network of professionals. In 2005, Marty switched from building on top of the Java technology stack to Ruby on Rails. He has found increased productivity and reduced time to market since the switch.

Ryan Cross

Web UI Ninja

Ryan loves to slice and dice pixels to perfection. As founder of Cylence Web Design over 12 years ago he has focused on creating dynamic web presences for clients. He brings this dedication to Haught Codeworks melding javascript, html and back-end systems together. Ruby on Rails makes it even easier to bring it all together.

Paul du Coudray


Paul is happy designing applications, websites or collateral material and has a knack for staying out the way of progress. When not at work, he’s busy experimenting with permaculture on his land in New Mexico and he likes to imagine that this fuels his capacity for thinking of design elements in relation to one another.

Mac Wisler

Systems Administrator

Mac keeps all our servers and back-end systems humming along. With over a decade of experience in the systems administration realm, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to make sure our systems are in top order.