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Great design is born out of collaboration—when everyone is in the same room with a whiteboard and endless sticky notes. The ideas just seem to flow and communication is clear. This is how product decisions are made—working closely with your peers and stakeholders. As a team, everyone needs to tell the same product story and everyone...


I am fortunate to have lived in the Agile world for pretty much the entirety of my career having been introduced to Xtreme Programming right out of college. So sometimes I forget that some practices of Agile teams are not common practice. Recently I was asked about Agile Retrospectives. The person wanted to know what they are and why they are useful...


I enjoyed reading Jack Danger’s The inherent inclusivity of healthy remote teams post. This post covers some of what Jack perceives are the issues managers and companies with remote team members struggle with.

I see many nuggets of wisdom in Jack’s observations and suggestions on how to deal with them. If you haven’t read this post, I encourage...


I am excited to announce that we are launching a monthly newsletter through Haught Codeworks this week. In this newsletter, we will explore several core topics dear to our hearts including prototyping, project rescues, growing teams, working remote, and current trends in software.

I think of this newsletter as a curated conversation of all the things...


Being great at building software doesn’t make you great at building a software company. It sounds silly now, but when I started Haught Codeworks, I thought if I could put together a great engineering team then building the business would take care of itself.

Apparently, I’m not the only one with this impression. You commonly hear that business...

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