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After giving the prototyping mindset talk, I got repeated feedback that using the term ‘prototype’ had negative connotations. There were two distinct beliefs that I encountered.

  1. Prototypes are inferior, incomplete and aren’t suitable for the rigors of production use.
  2. Prototypes are thrown away once we are done with them.

Before we explore these...


Building better products faster

Prototyping early and often offers many advantages in the product development process. Creating a functional design prototype is arguably the most efficient way to make product design decisions before moving to an MVP. A prototype lets you make informed product decisions that you can present to the client stakeholders...


I seem to have a pattern of starting my posts with “I am fortunate”; so, I am fortunate to have worked with lots of great clients over the years building many different and interesting products for them. I love getting to learn about so many different things in the world. For example, I know more about how tennis works and is played/scored than any...


Running a remote team means you hire with a remote process. What does that hiring process look like? In this post, we’re going to explore a few aspects of the flow and how we handle them in a virtual context. We’ll use an example of hiring a front end developer so we’ll include assessing their technical skills.


Hiring is best as a...


Working on the idea

Great design is born out of collaboration—when everyone is in the same room with a whiteboard and endless sticky notes. The ideas just seem to flow and communication is clear. This is how product decisions are made—working closely with your peers and stakeholders. As a team, everyone needs to tell the same product story and everyone...

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