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After surviving code school boot camp, I thought that the hardest days of learning were behind me. Then I started an apprenticeship at Haught Codeworks.

Let me be clear, code school was not easy. The Turing School of Software and Design has never billed its approach as a painless way to learn web development. We were told from day one that we...


We’re very excited to launch our first ebook, A Client’s Guide to Prototyping. If you haven’t heard, here at Haught Codeworks we build a lot of software prototypes. Over the years we’ve found we are having the same conversations over and over with clients and potential clients; so we put our knowledge and experience together in an ebook for product...


Recently Marty was on a panel at Boulder Startup Week talking about hiring from the point of view of employers. But many of the audience members said they were actually searching for a job. While they all indicated they got a lot out of the panel discussion we agreed it might be really useful to write up an article on things to do to help you land...


After giving the prototyping mindset talk, I got repeated feedback that using the term ‘prototype’ had negative connotations. There were two distinct beliefs that I encountered.

  1. Prototypes are inferior, incomplete and aren’t suitable for the rigors of production use.
  2. Prototypes are thrown away once we are done with them.

Before we explore these...


Building better products faster

Prototyping early and often offers many advantages in the product development process. Creating a functional design prototype is arguably the most efficient way to make product design decisions before moving to an MVP. A prototype lets you make informed product decisions that you can present to the client stakeholders...

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