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In the last article we looked at using Ecto schemas to read records and associations from a database built according to Rails naming conventions. This time we will extend the examples used in that article to see how Ecto changesets can help us write records to the database in a safe and consistent way.

The example apps can be found at PlaygroundRails


I recently migrated a Rails JSONAPI server to Phoenix, and in the process I learned a lot about using Ecto with a database that conforms to Rails naming conventions. It turned out that I was able to share an existing Rails database between the Rails and Phoenix implementations of the server during development, which allowed me to use a phased approach...


On a recent product prototype project, we introduced an experienced developer to the team. It was this person’s first time on a prototyping project. The gist of product prototypes is to take the core vision of a product and turn it into a working application in the least amount of time possible, usually 6 weeks or less. We know that these projects...


In Rails apps, you have probably seen ActiveRecord queries chained together in a controller action in order to determine what information from the database is presented to the view. Query methods can be chained if they are being done on an ActiveRecord relation. If a method returns an object, it has to be at the end of a chain. Most often, a query...


In a previous post, I described a few ways to use seeds in a Rails app. Here I want to bring to life the real challenges in using seeds and what I learned about seeds through a project’s life cycle.

As the project matured, our seeds.rb file became less used and poorly maintained. It used to be a reliable way to create a starter set of objects that...

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