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I just returned from Los Angeles after serving as program chair for RubyConf 2018. The conference was a success at multiple levels and I’m grateful for everyone who helped it to be a fantastic experience. From the speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise with the audience to the volunteers and staff that kept the show running smoothly...


One of the great things about being an apprentice is the ability to figure out what you don’t know and being given the time and freedom to fill those knowledge gaps.

I was lucky to have that chance.

As I finish out my apprenticeship here at Haught Codeworks, I’m astounded by how much I’ve learned in the past six months.

When I started in May,...


I started using Visual Studio Code about six months ago and so far I really like it. Among other things, I love the first class integration of the Language Server Protocol which allows a consistent interface for navigation, code completion, and live syntax checking regardless of what language I’m writing in.

Whenever I’m learning to use a new editor...


Software projects are hard and there are so many things that can get off track. How your engineering team is functioning is an important part of being successful. We’d all love to have a crystal ball to predict how things will turn out. Sadly this technology/magic does not exist. But there are some common early warning signs that things are not...


When building cross-platform React Native Apps, at some point it is very likely you will want to use a native iOS UI component that is available as a React Native component, but is not available for the Android platform, or vice versa. Design pattern differences between iOS and Android are common to say the least, and there are not always easy implemented...

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