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In the previous article I covered installing Dragula.js in an Ember project and built a simple wrapper component I could use to test basic Ember integration. This article will extend the simple component to bridge Dragula’s DOM based view of the application with Ember components and models.

Building A Bridge

Let’s start with a recap of the simple...


The 15th annual RubyConf wrapped up last week in San Antonio. Now that I’ve settled back into my routine, I’ve had some time to reflect on the conference and write down my thoughts.

I’m incredibly proud of what we put together and comfortable saying this conference was one of the best RubyConfs I’ve organized or attended. Compared to the previous...


As developers, we write programs to improve the efficiency of our clients and their customers. That’s pretty well the whole goal of the software industry.

So how about putting those mad software skills to work for yourself? Clever programmers are always on the lookout for easier ways to perform repetitive tasks and find creative uses for the tools...


On a daily basis, developers are called upon to make decisions about the exact details of how to implement a feature request. For a small feature that takes 1-2 days, there may be a dozen tiny decisions and a few big ones. As developers, we try to anticipate these decisions when discussing the feature request with the client. Even so, we always...


I’ve been doing a lot of work on an internal planning and organization tool for HCW. It’s an Ember application that among other things offers a simple kanban board. As you would expect of any kanban board, the interface is drag and drop heavy: cards can be sorted within their own lanes, cards can be moved between lanes, checklist items on cards can...

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