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We’ve just given the Haught Codeworks site a long overdue design and layout refresh. Our site had largely been unchanged since 2009 – much too long! What we had before was a simple one-pager that gave prospective clients enough information for them to reach out to us, but didn’t offer them the ability to look more closely at what we’re doing or share details with them of how we go about building software. Additionally, our site’s design no longer matched the type of work we were doing, making the refresh an easy decision.

With the new design and layout, we’ve addressed all of those goals. Though we’ve only added a few pages to start, look for more over the coming weeks. Future updates will allow you to look over case studies of our recent work and dive into our explanations of how we build and ship software.

As part of this, we will also begin maintaining a company blog. Since 2006, I’ve been personally blogging on, often posting Haught Codeworks-related content there. Since I’ve taken a break from blogging on, all work-related posts will now live on the Haught Codeworks blog. Furthermore, others from the team will be adding their own posts too. We’ll cover technical content related to the work we’re doing, as well as writing about the business of software, and some community-related topics too. One specific request that I’m excited to write about is is our apprenticeship program and how we run that here at Haught Codeworks.

So for now, thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to sharing more things with you in the coming months.