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We’re very excited to launch our first ebook, A Client’s Guide to Prototyping. If you haven’t heard, here at Haught Codeworks we build a lot of software prototypes. Over the years we’ve found we are having the same conversations over and over with clients and potential clients; so we put our knowledge and experience together in an ebook for product owners new to the game!

Launching a new product is a complex and challenging endeavor. You get one shot at your initial product launch and there are so many factors in play. Strong leadership is key to being successful. Here at Haught Codeworks, we believe that way to a successful project is paved with a solid prototype.

In this ebook, we break down a step-by-step, proven workflow used to build a prototype. We also discuss your key responsibilities as a product owner and give you tips on how to work with your design and engineering teams.

Included is a companion checklist to guide your own prototype. This is not one of those ebooks you’ll glance through and then forget. We are equipping you with the tools to immediately brainstorm, plan, and create actionable steps for your next product launch.

Download the ebook and start on your successful product launch today! As always, we love feedback so please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts for us!