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When Lindsey Love Jenks, founder & CEO of Macrostax, first contacted us she was frustrated with the “fiasco” left by previous developers. Their attempt at her revolutionary nutrition app with a unique algorithm that sets it apart from the competition, caused a slew of problems that left users dissatisfied and Lindsey disappointed. This project had many of the classic symptoms of a rescue project:

  • Struggling to get the product where it should be
  • Burning through a significant budget
  • Running months behind

We wrote a case study about how we rolled out an entirely new UI that got the product to work, immediately reduced churn, helped Macrostax hire an in-house developer – and most importantly – restored Lindsey’s confidence in her app:

It’s been a completely different experience working with Haught Codeworks than our previous agency. I’m grateful I found them, and they’ve been able to pick up the pieces and get me to a place where I should have been months ago. I finally feel more confident moving forward, bringing new people on and building new features. This new version makes me really excited for the future.

Lindsey Love Jenks

Read the whole case study here: Macrostax Case Study