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When we decided to make a company t-shirt, we didn’t just want it to be our logo and company name. We felt it needed something more, but nothing stood out to us. We worked through different concepts, pondering what our message should be. As elements of the design started to come together two ideas bubbled up that not only resonated with how we work but felt special and different.

Code Lean, Work Remote: our motto for building great software efficiently and happily

Code Lean

Having worked in many different environments, I’ve come to dread bloated processes, especially ones without much thought behind them. It bothered me that more efficient and intelligent ways of working were being ignored.

After working on an Extreme Programming (XP) team, the difference was remarkable and refreshing. However, we ran into cases where the rest of the organization did not embrace this way of thinking, creating a drag on the project. Starting Haught Codeworks allowed me to start using more efficient and enjoyable processes in everything we did. I found Lean and infused those ideas into our practices. Lean Startup brought in the final piece through the minimum viable product and validated learning.

But it’s not just about our process or how we code, it’s about what we create for our clients. So many projects try to build too much, too quickly without feedback or assurance that what they’re doing is on target. We challenge clients to reduce scope and get clarity on what is most valuable right now, so that we build the right product with minimal waste. Combining these approaches that focus on simplicity and efficiency are what we mean by Code Lean.

Work Remote

I started telecommuting back in 2005, when I moved to Colorado. It was harder and less accepted back then. After 11 years, we’ve seen it work well and we’re proud that Haught Codeworks has been 100% remote since day one with no central office. Our team is efficient and happy. It has become part of our identity.

Though this trend is growing, we want others to see that we embrace a remote first culture. What better place than on our shirt as part of our motto.


I’m on the way to Kansas City for RailsConf 2016, a software conference that I help organize. The Haught Codeworks team will be attending the conference, many of us wearing our brand new shirts. If you see us, come say hi and talk to us about coding lean and working remote. Though we don’t have t-shirts for everyone, we do have plenty of stickers that we’ll happily share with you. It features a team member’s cat, HotDog, helping out with programming duties!

Code Lean, Work Remote: our motto for building great software efficiently and happily