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I am excited to announce that we are launching a monthly newsletter through Haught Codeworks this week. In this newsletter, we will explore several core topics dear to our hearts including prototyping, project rescues, growing teams, working remote, and current trends in software.

I think of this newsletter as a curated conversation of all the things the Haught Codeworks team has been thinking about.

I do hope you’ll sign up for the newsletter and share this with anyone you know that will find value in following our adventures.

Either use the newsletter form in the sidebar or visit the newsletter page to sign up.

As I’ve mentioned this newsletter to friends and industry peers, I’ve received several questions. I’ll close with an imaginary interview based on real behind-the-scenes back and forth.

Does the Newsletter have a name?

It does, originally it was just going to be Haught Codeworks News but I felt it needed something special. We’re going with Haught Take. My daughter, now off at college, and I have a special fondness for puns, much to the chagrin of my wife. How could I pass up an opportunity like this?

Will it be a round up of your blog posts or Twitter messages?

No, this won’t be an email version of an RSS feed or summary of my twitter activity. If you stalk me on twitter I’m sure you’ll see some of the articles we’ll include but not everything. Reading this monthly will keep you current on what we’re thinking about so no need to watch every move I make on social media.

Will it just be a list of links?

Nope, this will follow more of a curated approach so not a huge blast of content. We imagine it’ll be between 4-6 items each month. I’d like it to shed more context on each item we’re highlighting, but not be a 20 minute read. My hope is you can quickly skim the email, get a sense of what’s happening with us, and open links to anything that catches your fancy.

What will you be highlighting?

The focus of the content will fall under our core themes I mentioned earlier. Some of the items will be content from our blog. Others will be relevant articles on our main topics that we wish to share. We will also include interesting tidbits from the team and our work.

Who’s going to be writing?

I will be the primary author but we’ll involve the team in writing as well. I could see inviting guest authors in the near future.

Honestly, are you just hopping on the newsletter bandwagon now?

It does seem that in the last couple years newsletters have jumped in popularity, though I don’t know if anyone would call me a bandwagoner. I’ve been told multiple times over the past 5 years that I should have a newsletter but I’ve resisted until I felt I had enough of a reason to do one. I’m not interested in just doing a newsletter to simply have one. Like many of you, I only want to spend time looking at things of value. My intention with this newsletter is to publish something I’d look forward to reading each month.

We’ve heard you like feedback, but do you really mean it?

100%. I’ve already been gathering reader feedback as we started to put this together. I’ve said that I want to make this worth reading, and I always appreciate honest feedback. It’s crucial to building software users love and I see no reason it shouldn’t be part of everything we do. Kaizen, right? Please, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, send them our way!